Bespoke Storage & Loft Access

This was an unusual challenge on the 3rd floor of an old terrace house. This floor is split into two halves, one side is a bedroom the other side is being converted into a small office. The divider is the stairs with an existing box covering a now redundant cold water tank around 1m high. Above this box is the small uninsulated loft access.

  • Before: from the top of the stairs. Bedroom to the left, new office will be to the right.

The requirement was to create better access to the loft and increase the limited storage for both rooms.

The solution was to strengthen the box to allow it to be stood on with one ladder section. Enlarge the loft hatch and replace with an insulated one with a two section ladder dropping down from the loft.

The box has a bookcase on the office side capable of two A4 sized selves and a smaller shelf. On the bedroom side, there are two deep storage shelves each capable of taking to typical storage creates.

Note: In some of the pictures the finish looks streaky as are taken shortly arfter the box was varnished and is in the process of drying.