Upcycling tables

I upcycled 10 old pub tables acquired by the 2 Sisters Arts centre in Trimley – St Martin. They had had a hard life and most wobbled and already had some attempts at repairing them.

The tops: These I stripped the tops completely removing all the old grime and varnish. I finished them with several coats of Danish oil to give them a lighter fresher feel.
The legs: The wobbly one I took the frame apart and cleaned up the various glues that had failed.  On one table I had to remake a section of the frame.  I then reglued, clamped and dowlled the mortise and tenon joints.
Painting: the legs were clean and sanded, followed by a white primer coat and 2 coats of pale green furniture paint. 
A load of old firewood is now 10 tables for 2 Sisters.