About me

Malcolm Silburn
I’ve been maintaining ours and other’s homes for many years and I’m attempting to earn a living using those skills, knowledge and experience.

I have worked with others on self-build house projects and I’ve just a complete house renovation. With the help of family and friends we took the house back to bare plaster and started from there. My part included fitting and plumbing in a bathroom and kitchen, changing all the internal doors, erecting in a new feather board fence and many other smaller jobs.

Why ‘Small Copper’ ?

Partly because it describes one of the major skills, small plumbing jobs (copper pipework).

More romantically, Small Copper was the name of the barge we hired for our honeymoon on the River Avon through Stratford-On-Avon. The butterfly logo is based on the Small Copper butterfly – Lycaena phlaeas.